Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Something to consider!

Unfortunately, Yazoo City was hit again the another night with an EF-2 tornado... I had a lot of people ask me the odds of a city getting hit twice during a year... I don't know the exact odds, but it is without a doubt very rare! So I posted something on my facebook wall that I found to be even more rare in my eyes! Especially, considering the fact you are talking about a F-5/F-4 tornado hitting the same location in about 30 minutes! I've read reports that some in the NWS argued that both should be rated F-5! Just incredible to me, as was the entire Super Outbreak!!!

"A lot of people have asked me the odds of a tornado hitting the same city/town twice in one year, but consider this... During the Super Outbreak (April 3-4, 1974), Tanner, AL was devastated by two violent tornadoes about 30 minutes apart! The first tornado was rated F-5, the second was rated F-4... Rescue efforts were underway when the second tornado struck!"

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