Friday, March 11, 2011

The Great Japan Quake!

To some up what I saw last night, is impossible! I have NEVER seen such horror on live TV. I was in class during 9/11, so for me, this was the most horrific thing I have seen in my life on live TV. Watching tsunami wave after wave coming in was so sad, especially because you knew hundreds/thousands would die. Officially, the quake stands at a 8.9, even though I have heard reports it could be upped to a 9.0 or even a 9.1. As of now, this stands as the 5th strongest earthquake since 1900. Tsunami waves reaching 30 feet + wiped cities off the map, especially in the northeastern coastal cities of Japan! Instead of me continuing to talk about this historic event, I'll just leave links to pictures/videos that speak for themselves. A picture really does speak a thousand words in situations like these! I'm still in shock with what I saw? The power of water is incredible!

There are so many incredible videos out there, so I would recommend searching the web if you want to see more. Of course it doesn't do it justice, as again, I have NEVER seen anything like it on live TV! INSANE! Also, very sad! :-(

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