Monday, March 12, 2012

19 Years Ago Tonight

19 years ago tonight my interest in weather became a passion! The pressure dropped to 28.53" at my house in Arlington, VA. I'll never forget the "Superstorm" of 1993 as long as I live!

My blog post last year on the 18 year anniversary:

The 1993 "Superstorm" produced 12 foot storm surges in western Florida (Apalachee Bay), including 11 tornadoes (3 at F2 strength)! Also, it produced a derecho in Cuba (gusts to 130mph)! It was a beast of a storm, one of the strongest mid-latitude traveling cyclones ever! Plus, I'm not even talking about the record snowfalls/pressure readings it produced in the Deep South and all along the East Coast... I'm pretty sure I'm right about this, but at one point, every county in Alabama was under a blizzard warning. That won't happen again for a long long time! Here are two great videos from the weather channel... Enjoy!

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