Thursday, February 7, 2013


00z NAM has gone BONKERS! This is just a 3-hour snowfall chart, between 7pm Friday and 10pm Friday, near the height of the storm. Snowfall rates over 4" + an hour, and maybe higher. That's with a 10:1 ratio, where I can easily see ratios approaching 15:1 by that time. 6" + an hour average snowfall rates, over several hours, is on the verge of impossible for a nor'easter. You see rates like this in the snow belt of the Great Lakes often (higher ratios - lake effect), but "if" this is correct, you are looking at one of the strongest snowstorms New England has seen in recorded time. 30" + amounts will be common if this verifies... 

*I obviously think the NAM is overdone, hence why I said on the verge of impossible. BUT, this is going to be a historic snowstorm! You'll see 30" + amounts somewhere. Bet on that!

I sure wish I was there! 

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