Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Totals So Far!

Really rough numbers at this point, but this is what I have been hearing so far:

Regan National - 5" / Dulles - 9"... Over 300,000 people without power across the DC metro! Also, commute home took 4 hours + for many! Crazy!!!

Philly: Haven't heard anything official, but it seems like many areas are approaching/surpassing 1 foot now as the precipitation is about to end... Actually just saw on twitter that Philly International just hit 14"... WOW!

NYC: Several reports of thunder snow and 2-3" per rates rates right now! Some people already approaching a foot in the suburbs, with final totals over a foot for most, with some totals possibly nearing 16-18"... Amazing!

Boston: Snow just starting to get heavy, with over a foot expected for most! Wouldn't be surprised to see many 16-18" reports, if not even a little more! Crazy!

Bottom line, this storm overachieved, but hey, what's new with snow and the Northeast this year! I thought a foot of snow was possible, but not 18" + amounts we really may see! Amazing if you think about it! 09/10 & 10/11 are the back to back years of the Nor' Easter!!!

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