Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago Blizzard + More!

History always seems to repeat itself: Chicago Blizzard of 2011 (Left) vs. Chicago Blizzard of 1967 (Right)...

Quick post on the Chicago Blizzard... Obviously, this blizzard affected many many more people than just Chicago, but I wanted to focus on Chicago tonight because of an amazing picture my friend Wayne Verno posted on his facebook, and also some amazing thundersnow video from Chicago! I'll focus on other areas later, as I'll try my best to post a lot of incredible storm totals...

The final snow total in O'Hare was 20.2" and 20.9" at Midway. This was the biggest Chicago snowstorm to ever occur in February and the 3rd biggest snowstorm in 126 years of Chicago records. The 20.2" and 20.9" fell in just 22 hours compared to Chicago's top snowstorm in January 1967 which fell over a 29 hour period. Pretty amazing! Above is an amazing picture of traffic at a complete stop due to the blizzard! The great 1967 blizzard vs. the great 2011 blizzard! Really cool... Also, I'm going to link some AMAZING thundersnow video from Chicago! Jim Cantore was in the right spot at the right time! This is probably the best thundersnow video I have ever seen in my life! ENJOY!!! :-)

Another amazing picture of Lakeshore Drive in Chicago posted on facebook by Jennifer Rukavina. Photo taken by Barbara Krasnicki...


  1. ah man crazy!!! It's pretty cool how you compared the two pictures together. Imagine having all that here!

  2. It would be total CHAOS!!! What a blizzard!