Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Opportunity!

Today it became official, as I'll be working with This is a great opportunity and I really look forward to working with this great team! I'll have a commentary block on the site, which I'll update frequently. I'll also help in other ways, including out in the field chasing/researching these amazing storms. While I love all weather, hurricanes are my true passion, and something I love to study, teach, and chase! Again, I look forward to this great opportunity as it will be a lot of fun!

I met with Mark Sudduth last week, working on the "Be Hurricane Prepared" video series. This is going to be a great video series explaining hurricane processes/safety in an easy to understand way. You see lots of preparedness information for severe weather, but you don't see this near as much with hurricanes. This is something that is needed and very beneficial in my eyes. Anything that can educate and potentially save lives is a great thing! I look forward to seeing the final product!

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