Thursday, June 30, 2011

TS Arlene Makes Landfall!

Yes, I stayed up to watch Tropical Storm Arlene make landfall. I can't help it! My forecast from late Sunday/early Monday worked out well, as Arlene formed, became a strong tropical storm, and moved into Mexico fairly close to Tampico. I would give myself an A- on this one since I was a little off on the landfall point. I'm proud of myself, but trust me, I'll be wrong plenty of times during the year. Tropical forecasting is just way too hard not to make mistakes. That's just weather forecasting in general, so get used to it if you are in this business. The key is to learn from mistakes as you go on, gaining as much experience as possible! If you are hitting 65-70% of your forecasts, then you are an amazing forecaster!

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