Monday, July 25, 2011

A Great 4/27/11 Chase Account

Here is a great chase account from Stephan Frank on 4/27/11. Stephan and his chase partner Micahel Brewer was actually in the truck were I have a shot of small debris falling near it. Here soon, I'll release the video so you can see it in more detail. It wasn't like anything huge was falling out of the sky, but still, it was raining debris on us for about 5 minutes. The first tornado you see in Stephan's account is the one we both saw near Macon, MS. We (with Michael Carter) continued NE into Alabama, while Stephan & Michael dropped south. They saw another EF-3 tornado in Sumter County, AL. Stephan got some amazing shots (Michael shot some amazing video), so make sure you check out the chase account. 4/27/11 is a day I'll never forget, and someday soon I'll have a much more detailed chase account with many pictures/videos.

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