Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Gulf Coast Trip!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a week, but I was out with testing our RC plane for upcoming field work. Everything tuned out great, and I'll leave some video below. It was great to be out in the field with Mark & Paul, and I look forward to upcoming hurricane missions with them. I'll have a full write up on our trip later this week, plus I'll post many pictures from across the Gulf Coast. Going back to the places I rode out Katrina, Ike, and Gustav really brought back a lot of memories. I was very encouraged with what I saw overall. Of course many of these places (especially Bolivar Peninsula) has a long ways to go, but I saw lots of positive things! Even got to see the Ninth Ward for the first time. Sobering, but also encouraging at the same time. It's important to remember these events, so hopefully people will leave next time. The time to get prepared is now!

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