Friday, October 28, 2011

Florida + Snowtober

While Rina is dead and did not take a Wilma like track, look at the IR image above. You can see the blow off/convection once associated with Rina over Florida as I write this post. So in the end, I really don't think my idea of the upper flow "pulling" Rina towards Florida was a bad forecast. Rina just got killed by way too much dry air/shear... Regardless, this tropical moisture will only enhance one heck of an October Nor' easter for the East Coast this weekend. From about Washington D.C/Baltimore to Maine (Also the Appalachians) expect a very impressive snow storm for late October. There will be a nice swath of 6-12" snows from central/eastern PA into central/eastern Maine. Locally, I wouldn't be shocked at snow amounts of 15-18" in several locations. Definitely a storm you should follow this weekend, as it will be fairly darn historic for late October. In my personal opinion, this is only the first of many big Nor' easters this season!

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