Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today, it's all about mesoscale boundaries!

The SPC has just put up a tornado watch box across most of the Texas panhandle... Like yesterday it's going to be about where the boundaries setup! One of my best friends, Justyn Jackson who works for the NWS in Amarillo, TX, actually saw a nice cone shaped tornado yesterday as a supercell exploded after crossing a differential heating boundary! Today looks to be a very similar setup... Currently there is a nice differential heating boundary setting up near Childress, TX and running just south of Amarillo through the Tulia to Canyon region... If I were chasing today that's where I would setup... There is a nice cumulus field moving from New Mexico into the Texas Panhandle and I would expect initiation fairly shortly... It almost looks like stuff is starting to go up now!

The dynamics are not very impressive at all today but at least there is enough deep layer shear (30-40 knots) to tilt the updraft in the vertical and keep storms from collapsing on top of itself... Again today is all about the mesoscale if you want to see a tornado! Hey it happened yesterday and I wouldn't be shocked at all if it happened again today! I think the SPC 5% area is going to be pretty good today... I know again personally that's where I would be sitting... Right on top of the differential heating boundary, waiting/ hoping for enough low-level helicity to be generated for tornado development! I can't wait to get out to the Great Plains! Watching all this gets me fired up and very excited/pumped to go chase!

Pictures of yesterdays tornado near KAMA...

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