Monday, September 5, 2011

1935 Labor Day Hurricane

Below is a post from my old blog I put out over 2 years ago. Today is not the anniversary, but since it is Labor Day, I thought it was appropriate. The strongest hurricane to ever hit the US! In recorded history at least...

Also, here is a great link my good friend Jim Edds sent me on the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane. Click here to check it out!

Today is the 74 year anniversary of the strongest landfalling hurricane in US history! It struck near Long Key, FL at a record pressure of 892mb (Craig Key, FL) on September 2nd 1935. The actual pressure may have been a little lower at landfall, but 892mb (26.35") was the lowest officially recorded. Wind gusts at times were over/around 200 mph, which is just crazy! I'm been to Florida Keys a few times and I always stop at the hurricane monument (Islamorada) on the way down to Key West. I highly recommend everyone to check it out one day! Here is some very interesting articles and personal stories on this historic storm...

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