Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 Months Ago...

My good friend Jim Edds reminded me that today was the 5 month anniversary of the 4/27/11 tornado outbreak. A day I'll never forget, as 4/27/11 will go down as one of the worst tornado outbreaks in US history. There are so many stories from that day, and I'm going to release a chase recap soon. I should have released it a long time ago, but I do have some video out from that historic day. I'll link that below...

Video Recap: "Here is some raw video I shot during the 4/27/11 tornado outbreak (Super Outbreak II). I saw several tornadoes this day, but here is tornado footage I shot in Macon, MS. This same supercell produced an EF-5 tornado in Philadelphia, MS about 20-30 minutes earlier. It rained debris for about 5 minutes before the tornado appeared across a field. While a couple miles away, you could still see the violence associated with this tornado, as horizontal accessory vortices spun into the tornado from the right. At the end of the video (~5:15), you can hear some erie noises (Sounds like a swarm of bees) being made as the tornado moved rapidly to the east. I shot this with two different cameras and I "matched-up" some sequences at the end of the video to give you the viewer two different perspectives. Of course video can never do it justice... My thoughts and prayers still go out to everyone affected on this historic day!"


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