Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene Video + Hurricane Katia & 93L

Ok, first with Hurricane Katia. The trend continues more west, which is not a surprise to me at all. I still think it misses the US, well west of Bermuda, but close enough to give a few scares along the east coast. This is why I'm all about pattern recognition and not model guidance, especially 7-10 days out. With 93L, still very tough. I will say it is starting to look more likely that 93L will move enough into the Louisiana that Texas won't have too many problems. However, that's not a lock by any means, just a trend. We'll see, as again, this is still a tough forecast. While I expect 93L to get named and become a strong tropical storm/weak hurricane, the main threat looks to be heavy rainfall/flooding. This could really be a big problem, as 93L is not going to move much over the next several days. Many more updates to come...

I also linked below some Hurricane Irene video I shot with my GoPro. Enjoy!

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