Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Northwest Weather Podcast + TD 14 + 96L

Quickly, we have TD#14 and 96L in the Atlantic basin right now. We also have Katia, but she is heading out with the fishes... With TD#14, I'm in agreement with the NHC's track. I believe this will be a threat to the Bahamas and then most likely the East Coast. There is no point in getting into specific details right now, but I do think it is a legitimate threat in my opinion. If I had to put out a general track forecast right now, my instincts says a track fairly similar to Irene. Now please don't go out and say I think this is Irene part two, I just think the track "looks" similar at this time. There is still plenty of time to figure out the details in the coming days, as things can/do change quickly in the tropics. It could EASILY go more west or east? What will be Maria may also have to navigate Hispaniola (The Rock), which is a hurricane killer. So many factors to keep in mind right now!

With 96L, it's a tough forecast! My belief/instinct is 96L will slowly develop as it starts heading/drifting north. How far north? That's still very tough to say, but I would watch this very closely. If 96L does develop (Sure is a LOT of dry around the Gulf of Mexico), it will be called Nate. Anywhere from Mexico to Florida needs to watch this...

In other news, I have linked below a podcast I recorded with Brian MacMillan late last week. Brian is a former student of mine and does a great job with his podcasts. We talked about Hurricane Irene, storm chasing, and many other interesting weather topics. It's called the Northwest Weather Podcast. Enjoy!

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