Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bermuda... (Day-2)

Another amazing day in Bermuda! Got to travel all across the island with Glenn/Patricia (Bermuda locals)... We first met up with them at 9:00am local time and headed back out to John Smith beach... The waves were still huge, but it was low tide, so they weren't breaking as close to the shore! I got several amazing photos... I also took a lot of video which I'll upload when I get back to the US... We did record a weathervein episode, but again the internet is so slow that we couldn't get it loaded up! Of course video never does anything justice, but I already have a lot of excellent wave/surge videos... Road are already getting washed over, and we are still over 24 hours from landfall... While the winds have weakened, this is still going to be a very serious hurricane for Bermuda! The wave action/surge is going to be the major issue!

On our second trip out, we went to a spot called Elbow Beach (near at least), and saw some INCREDIBLE waves breaking on the rocky coast! I'll post some pictures below, but I have never seen the surf like that in my life! That includes being on Galveston Island during Hurricane Ike! Again, keep in mind that I was seeing all this about 30 hours + before landfall... We are going to try to go out again in the morning, but it may be too dangerous by then! I'll keep everyone updated as long as I still have internet service... In closing, I would really like to thank Glenn and Patricia for all they have done for us! They took us around the island twice today (9am/6pm) and it was great to see the island from a locals perspective... Great experience!

Massive Wave!

Look at the car on the right for persective! The road is elevated at least 20 feet! (Sorry for the hat head... lol!)

Got a little too close to this one!

Devin after getting hit with a huge wave...

A couple of boarded up houses...

Cat + Chickens! You see chickens all over the island...

Also, if you are a friend of mine on facebook, here is a quick 11 sec clip from the waves this morning during low tide! Key word, low tide!