Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hurricane Igor!

Hurricane Igor is a monster hurricane with sustained winds of 155mph (925mb)... That's is only 1 mph short of a category-5 hurricane! There is no threat to the US coastline with Igor, but if I lived in Bermuda, I would watch Hurricane Igor very carefully! I'm really thinking about heading to Bermuda to chase Igor! Tickets aren't cheap though, and honestly, I think the trend will continue west enough that the worst of Igor will miss! While it's definitely feeling the weakness to get pulled out to sea, at the same time, Igor is releasing tons of latent heat into the atmosphere only continuing to pump the ridge! That says more west to me, but I'm going to give it another 24 hours before I make up my mind! If there is anyway I can make it to Bermuda, and if it looks like Hurricane Igor is going to be a direct strike/slight miss, then I'm going to be on a plane Friday morning heading for Hamilton, Bermuda! Like my good friend Devin said, I'll meet you at baggage claim #3! lol...

Before I leave, I did want to leave an INCREDIBLE rapid-scan loop of Hurricane Igor from yesterday! If you haven't seen this yet, it is a MUST!!!

Incredible rapid-scan loop of Hurricane Igor (9/13/10)


  1. Greg,

    I am interested in flying into Bermuda Friday night for the Hurricane from NY. Where is a safe place to stay? Where are you staying?

    I would appreciate you getting back to me... paulyc44@aol.com

    Thank you!


  2. Paul: Devin and I will be staying at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort! We will be there tomorrow at 9pm Bermuda time! I won't have my phone, because I don't want to get charged like crazy, but look for our hotel room if you want to get in contact with us! If you do go, have a safe smooth trip!