Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GREAT Chase Recap!

I literally just got back to my house in Starkville, but I wanted to immediately post a great chase recap of Hurricane Igor by Devin Toporek! Devin and I traveled together, and had an amazing experience hurricane chasing in Bermuda! Devin has become a very good friend of mine, and I would chase with him any day/anytime! The first of many more chases to come!

I would also like to thank all the other chasers at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort! It was such a great experience, and it was nice to finally meet all these chasers face to face! Hurricane chasers are a fairly tight-knit group, and it's always great to be around people that share your same passion! Everyone was really supportive/nice, and I just wanted to thank everyone for that! I'll have my own detailed chase recap up tomorrow night! Click on the link below to get to Devin's chase account!

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