Saturday, September 4, 2010

Low, Medium, High...

There are three areas of interest across the Atlantic basin, not including Earl, which is now long gone! I'm not really going to go into much detail tonight, as I'll most likely be recording another weathervein episode tomorrow!

High: This is the remnants of Gaston, which need to be watched closely! I definitely can see redevelopment, and I have always liked a more westward path/track... This "could" be a threat in the Bahamas/Caribbean, and eventually in the Gulf in the next week or so!

Medium: This is a new threat in the Gulf of Mexico... If you live in northern Mexico/southern Texas you should keep a close eye on this system! It "may" get to a weak tropical storm, but mostly will be a big rain maker for northern Mexico/southern Texas! However, something like this could spin up quick, so don't completely count out a depression/tropical storm before landfall in about 48 hours...

Low: Well, according to the NHC, there is near a 0% chance for development, yet it's still circled as a "low risk"... lol... It's just an easterly wave that may develop down the road... Some of the models are hinting at it, so we'll see?

Behind this, the African wave train is running strong! This season is just getting started in my opinion, as I expect the tropics to stay active through most of October! Look for another weathervein episode tomorrow, as I'll go into a lot more detail about the tropics!

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