Thursday, September 2, 2010

Earl Weakens!

Hurricane Earl has weakened considerably this afternoon, and is now a 110mph Category-2 Hurricane (948mb)... I really believe the dry air finally started to destroy Earl! I never thought this was the catastrophic hurricane many hyped, but I'll admit it, by last night I was starting to get a little worried... In the end the forecast I put out is going to turn out pretty well... It will be fairly close to 100 miles (little inside) off the coast of Hatteras and probably around 75 miles as it passes Cape Cod... Hatteras especially, and possibly Cape Cod will see some hurricane conditions, mostly in gusts! This was one tough forecast, as again being off by 100 miles 3, 4, 5 days out is NOT a bad track forecast at all in the long range... However, in this case, a 100 miles makes a big difference! Thankfully, the forecast I put out worked fairly well, because again it was really tough!

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