Friday, September 10, 2010


Sorry Devin and I didn't record a weathervein episode tonight! Things have been really busy, but we'll get one out by Monday at the latest! There is plenty to talk about out there in the tropics, as you have TS Igor and Invest 92L... TS Igor is most likely a fish storm, but in my opinion, 92L "could" be a real threat to impact the US (Texas)! Don't want to get too detailed right now, but I see 92L developing, and possible being a threat to the western Gulf of Mexico in about 6/7 days! Again, I'll have a very detailed look at the tropics here soon on THE WEATHERVEIN! Before I leave, I wanted to leave a link to a blog post Devin wrote on his Northeast Quadrant blog... It's about worst case SLOSH scenarios for the NE US! The SLOSH maps you'll see were produced by Michael Laca of I highly recommend you checking this post out, as it is very fascinating!

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