Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Been finishing up my hurricane forecasting tips powerpoints today, and I came across some interesting stats on the ACE index... Thought I would share some of these stats with everyone... Keep in mind that the ACE index does not include the size of the storm (which I feel would be better), as it only includes maximum wind speed and duration over 6 hour increments for named storms (does not include sub-tropical storms either)... If you want an index that includes size with maximum wind speed and duration, research integrated kinetic energy...

Top-5 Total ACE Atlantic Seasons:

1) 2005: 248 units (28-TS, 15-H, 7-MH)
2) 1950: 243 units (13-TS, 11-H, 8-MH)
3) 1995: 228 units (19-TS, 11-H, 5-MH)
4) 2004: 225 units (15-TS, 9-H, 6-MH)
5) 1961: 205 units (11-TS, 8-H, 7-MH)

*2010: 170 units as of November 16th... (19-TS, 12-H, 5-MH)

*Pacific #1: 1992: 290 units (28-TS, 16-H, 10-MH)

Famous Hurricanes:

Hurricane Opal (1995): 11.1 units
Hurricane Charley (2004): 10.6 units
Hurricane Ivan (2004): 70.4 units
Hurricane Katrina (2005): 20 units
Hurricane Wilma (2005): 39 units
Hurricane Ike (2008): 39 units
Hurriacane Igor (2010): 42.4 units

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