Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winter Outlook... (Not Really)

I really need to put out my 2010/2011 winter forecast, but honesty, things are SO BUSY right now for me it's going to be tough! I'll try to get one out before I head to the east coast, but here is a comment I left for my good friend Devin Toporek about the upcoming winter:

I know, I need to put it out! I've just been so busy! Building two classes takes a lot of time and effort! I'll try to get one out before I leave for the east coast, but I'm pretty much in line with Bastardi... Winter will start out cold and end warm! (I agree 100% with Bastardi dad's theory of hyper hurricane seasons and quick cold starts to the winter! More upward motion in the tropics, which will help troughs dig in more! I'll try to explain in more detail later, but I have blogged about it before...) With La Nina and a -NAO, you will see some nice Nor' Easters again! Don't know if there will be enough cold for the same amounts of snow, but I think you will still get it once or twice in NY... In DC, I'm thinking more like one big early snow... That's hard to forecast though! With La Nina you'll get some nice troughs digging into the US, but unless the NAO is negative, those troughs won't lock in! Expect more quick shots of cold air, followed by quick warm ups... Especially, in the Deep South! I will say watch out for some winter severe weather outbreaks down here in the South! The setup is a little similar to February 2008 to me...

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