Thursday, November 4, 2010

Forecast Contest!

Sometimes I do some dumb stuff with the national forecast contest! I never seem to stick with my gut, as I seem to get talked down way too easily, or just play the game too many times! I'm going to have revisit my strategy, as this is driving me a little crazy! lol... I'm actually doing very well in the contest, but I don't really care about my ranking, as I'm my own biggest critic... I'm more frustrated with the time and energy I put into the contest! I don't think people realize how much time and effort it takes to do well... Yeah, I could put together a forecast in 5 minutes, but sorry, that's not me! I've been doing this for 9 years now, and I seem to put more and more time into it every year... Again, I don't think people realize the amount of time you need to put into this contest to do well... Especially, when you are defending two time national champs! That just adds to it! Not trying to get on a soap box, but the last two days have been VERY frustrating for me, as last minute decisions have cost me about 8 points! :-(

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