Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Haiti, ten months later...

I felt like linking The Big Picture blog was very appropriate tonight... An amazing picture blog, that I'll once again recommend to everyone! There are 42 POWERFUL pictures showing the currert situation in Haiti! Over 300,000 dead and still over 1.3 million people homeless, living in makeship tent camps after the devastating earthquake back in January... This is why I have been so worried about Haiti since the forecast track of Tomas looked to be shifting north and east... Thankfully, Tomas is only a tropical storm, even though it is forecasted by the NHC to regain hurricane strength as it goes over the western portions of Haiti... This will put the devastated city of Port-au-Prince in the right front quadrant! This is a very bad developing situation! As much as one to two FEET of rain is "possible", leading to all sorts of flooding/mud slide issues... Plus, even minimal hurricane force winds is not a good thing when so many people are living in tents! Rainfall is what truly scares me though, as Tomas will not be moving very fast!!! Hopefully, Tomas will stay far enough west that this won't be too horrible! I'll be praying for Haiti, and hoping for the best!!!

Also, here are a few pictures from Jim Edds on site in Haiti waiting for Tomas (Click Here)... Make sure you follow Jim on twitter @extremestorms

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