Friday, August 19, 2011


I posted this last night on facebook, but it still applies today. Will feel better about it in a couple days, but a track/intensity forecast right now is not the smartest option. Like the statement below, it just depends on how fast 97L develops and its interaction with the islands. The faster 97L develops, the more the threat to Florida. The slower it develops, the more the threat to the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, 97L's interaction with the islands is a huge wild card! If I had to put a forecast out right now, my gut instinct leans toward 97L developing quick enough to be a South Florida threat. The pattern leans that way to me, but we'll see? Big update to come soon (Probably Sunday)!

"The longer 97L takes to develop, the more west it will go. How it negotiates the islands is key! In wait and see mode right now..."

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