Monday, August 22, 2011

Quick Hurricane Irene Update

You can clearly see the NHC has come east with its track ideas today. By late Saturday/early Sunday this was becoming more and more clear. I originally had Irene making landfall near Miami on Friday, but I came back east to South Carolina yesterday. Right now, it actually looks like it could make landfall in North Carolina around Wilmington, if not a little east of that. While I feel much better about a Florida miss tonight, this track forecast is still not a done deal by any means. There is a big difference whether it hits South Carolina vs. North Carolina for the rest of the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast US. The further east along North Carolina Hurricane Irene hits, the worst the weather conditions for the Mid-Atlantic/ Northeast US. Also, there is still a shot it could miss the US entirely. While I don't personally see that, it's possible for sure.

I'm not going to get too much into strength right now, but Irene has a solid shot at becoming a monster hurricane. The future conditions for Irene look near ideal, but things can/do change. I will say, a major hurricane at landfall is looking very possible if not even probable. Especially, with Irene mostly missing Hispaniola to the north. It's honestly a scary setup. If you know me, you know I'm not about hype at all, but at the same time I feel like I wouldn't be honest if I didn't at least talk about the large potential for intensification. Please make sure you are hurricane ready from Florida to New England. Even if Irene misses, now is the time to be prepared. More updates to come...

* 7PM UPDATE: Hurricane Irene is a category-2! 100 mph (981mb)


  1. Keep those updates coming. Know it's still early in the game but need to know the forecast intensity at it's closest (how close as well) approach to NYC.

  2. Yes please keep the updates coming! We will be buying boards & supplies inland and driving to the beach in the next few days to prepare our house on Ocean Isle Beach NC for the coming of Hurricane Irene.

  3. I promise I'll have another update out by early evening. Hopefully sooner!