Sunday, August 22, 2010

9 out of 10...

This is a tropical tip that works very well... However, in fairness, I was wrong to say I'm 99.99% sure TD #6 is turing out to sea, when in reality it's a 90% chance... That 9.99% does make a difference, so I thought I would at least be fair and point that out! The ONLY way I see Danielle hitting the US, is for it to make its turn out to sea and then to have the ridge build in strong enough over the top for it to move back west... This would be similar to the 1933 hurricane, which made landfall just south of Virginia Beach, VA... I personally don't see this happening, but it is possible (10% chance)! I'm sticking with a turn out to sea, and with statistics saying there is a 90% chance of that occurring, I feel very confident in that forecast! ZERO changes here!

"9 out of 10 tropical cyclones that develop east of 35 W longitude re-curve harmlessly out to sea!"

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