Monday, August 16, 2010

Remnants of TD#5...

I originally thought nothing would form out of the remnants of TD#5 (Friday night), but by Saturday night I did think the remnants would get back to a tropical depression, and likely a weak tropical storm! The more south it moved over the Gulf of Mexico, the stronger it would become in the long range! That made sense, because it would have move time over the extremely warm waters of the GOM... Plus, the overall conditions looked pretty decent for development... It didn't take that more south route, so it wasn't expected to strengthen a whole lot today! However, I didn't think the remnants of TD#5 would do nothing! It looks absolutely pathetic tonight, and I don't even think it will make it back to a tropical depression at this point! I think the close proximity to land, and more northeasterly shear than I originally thought has prevented development! The threat with this "storm" has always been rainfall, and that still looks to be a problem across southern Louisiana!

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