Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well it looks like it has bottomed out at about 955mb, 28.20"! 955mb (28.20") breaks the US land-based non-tropical pressure record of 958mb (28.28") on January 26th, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio! This is the lower 48 states all time record though, as I saw an amazing tweet by Stu Ostro! The US record occurred during a storm in Dutch Harbor, Alaska on October 25th, 1977... The pressure dropped to an astounding 925mb (27.32")! That's just INSANE!

Below is some surface charts I saved from HPC when it got to 955mb! Also, I'll leave a great link my friend Mark Sudduth (hurricanetrack.com) wrote on today's amazing storm... He compares this historic storm to many strong historic hurricanes of the past! Also, I'll leave a link by Mark Schnackenburg on today's historic "weather bomb" compared to other "weather bombs" from the past! Enjoy!

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