Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not Haiti...

Boy was I off with the intensity of Tomas! I really thought it had a good shot at obtaining major hurricane strength, and while it did get to 100mph, it has weakened a lot today! There is a lot more shear/dry air then I expected or any model really showed... Unfortunately, a path towards Haiti is looking more likely! While Tomas is now a 65mph tropical storm, it "should" regain hurricane strength again before striking somewhere near Haiti Thursday/Friday! The rain is what worries me most for Haiti... The mountainous terrain is NOT going to help matters with mud slides and such! Also, because so many people are living in tents after the disastrous earthquake earlier this year, even minimal hurricane conditions will cause big problems! This is a bad situation unfolding, and I hope somehow Tomas can miss! Not trying to wish this on anyone else, but Haiti doesn't need/deserve this!

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