Friday, October 15, 2010

Nor' Easter...

Quick post tonight, as things are very quiet in the tropics! However, the Northeast is getting hammered with a strong Nor' Easter tonight... Heavy snows have been falling across the ski areas of New England tonight... Also, combine that with some gusty winds (50mph +), and you got a nice Nor' Easter on your hands right now... 988mb surface low! You can see an "eye" like feature on radar just south of Augusta, Maine! Pretty awesome if you ask me! I'm a huge fan of Nor' Easters, as the Superstorm of 1993 turned my love for weather into a passion! I may actually like Nor' Easters more than tornadoes, but not hurricanes! lol... I recommend everyone checking out radars/satellites and other weather data from this storm! I know I'm a huge weather geek, but I love this stuff!

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