Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hurricane Tomas!

Tomas is now a hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 90mph (982mb)... Today it went through the windward islands as weak hurricane, causing some moderate to minor damage... The future of Hurricane Tomas is extremely tough to forecast! The model trend has Tomas missing the strong trough next week, almost stalling out and turning more north/east over time... It could still easily phase with the trough, but the models have backed off a lot on that idea! Unfortunately, the trend has been more toward Haiti, which of course is BAD NEWS! NO ONE wants to see that! Again though, even at this point, the long range forecast is difficult at best! It's really anyone's guess as to exactly where Tomas will go? Just being honest with you! It could still go to Jamaica, or it could stall, or it could hit Hispaniola, or it could hit Puerto Rico??? Hopefully, by tomorrow the models/forecasters alike will have a better grasp on Tomas's future track! I will say, I do still expect Tomas to become a major hurricane (or very close) by Monday! Here is the latest model guidance...

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