Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Great Websites!

I wanted to bring attention to a couple of great websites run by my friend Mike Theiss... I have always admired Mike's passion/work, especially with Hurricane Charley/Katrina, and it was great to finally meet him face to face during the Hurricane Igor chase on Bermuda! He has shot so many great videos/photos over the years, which I know everyone will enjoy! I'll leave two links... The first one is to his stock video page (, which again has so many amazing videos! The second one is to his stock photography page (, which is great as well... Enjoy!

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  1. Wow, I was just checking into your blog to see if you went down for Hurricane Richard and BAM here is this blog with links to my websites. That was a nice surprise,Thanks Buddy. It was great to meet you as well during the Hurricane Igor chase in Bermuda.

    I had a trip planned to South America for serveral months and tried to delay it as long as possible to get all of the Hurricane Season in and of course murphy's law a cane gets going and projected to make landfall 2 days after i leave. The airline company wanted almost $700 to change the ticket to a later date and i refused to get shafted by the airline company and there was alot of uncertainty of just how good Richard would be. Of course now its a Hurricane making landfall during the day in Belize....AGH !! This is killing me to watch from Paraguay. There are 2 things in life i need to live, Food and HURRICANES ! Oh well, there will be more. Hey, if you did go, good luck !

    Thank again for the blog, So funny how i just happened to stumble into it....Mike Theiss