Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Typhoon Megi...

In case you didn't know, there is currently a Super Typhoon in the Pacific! Super Typhoon Megi is a beast, with maximum sustained winds of 140 knots (161mph), and a surface pressure of 914mb! That is category-5 strength! Super Typhoon Megi is forecasted to strike the northern Philippines Sunday night (Daytime Monday Philippines time) as a continued monster category-5 Super Typhoon, with maximum sustained winds around 140 knots (161mph)... If I had the money/resources, I would have been on a plane yesterday for the Philippines! I hope the worst can somehow miss the Philippines, but honestly, that looks very unlikely at this point! Even if Megi were to "weaken" to a strong category-4 Super Typhoon, the effects will still be devastating for the northern Philippines! Anyways, I just wanted everyone to be aware of this amazing storm, since we typically only focus on what is affecting us in the US... For additional information, I highly recommend everyone checking out Crown Weather's West Pacific tropical weather page! I'll leave a link below, as Rob Lightbown runs an excellent site for any tropical weather lover like me!


  1. Thanks for the plug Greg, I really appreciate it!!

    -Rob at Crown Weather Services