Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Storm Chasing, Surfing, Hunting...

I have always thought that storm chasing was very similar to surfing and hunting... Storm chasers are always in search of the next big hurricane, tornado, or Nor' Easter... Sometimes waiting years in-between each! Surfers & hunters are made from the same cloth in my opinion.... Surfers will travel the world in search for the next big wave, sometime waiting years for a good set... Hunters will sit in a tree for hours and hours, also sometimes waiting years for that perfect 12 point buck! As a chaser I can related to this, because I'll travel the world for a tropical cyclone, and I have sat in a field for hours and hours waiting for the cap to break... I have had many great years chasing, but I also have many bad years chasing! Yet, I always come back for more!

I really think it comes down to the same thing for storm chasers, surfers, and hunters! Patience, persistence, and dedication! You have good years and bad years, but we are all in search of that "perfect" moment that honestly doesn't happen too often (patience)! No matter how many times we fail, we always seems to come back for more (persistence)... We find ways financially to make it work, because this is our passion/love in life that you can't put a monetary value on (dedication)! I know personally these traits apply to me, and I'm sure it applies to many others with the same passion! So whether you are a storm chaser, surfer, or a hunter, in the end we are all after the same thing! A moment in time where everything seems to stop and things seem to fall in place in an almost surreal/perfect moment... The end game may be different for each of us, but that moment is really similar if you think about it!

Speaking of surfing, here is a blog post from The Big Picture titled "Waveriders"...

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