Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not a whole lot going on...

Tropical Storm Otto is still making its way out to sea, and the NHC now has a low chance for development in the western Caribbean... Like I said yesterday, it's something to watch, so we'll see what happens? Everyone wants to talk about the overall numbers, but again, it's all about the impact in my eyes! Yes, 15 named storms is impressive without a doubt, but only one of those tropical cyclones made a direct impact (Bonnie) this season... Keep in mind though, that both Hurricane Earl (Eastern North Carolina) & Tropical Storm Hermine (Southern Texas) had MUCH MORE of an impact on the US coast!

I know personally, my impact forecast was way off, and I'll be the first to say that this season has been a "bust" from an impact standpoint, which again is what's most important! This does not mean the US should let its guard down, because I would still watch the Caribbean very closely over the next several weeks! I've said this a few times now, but a La Nina season (which we are in) typically last longer than normal.... Statistics says the threat for a landfalling hurricane continues even through November! With any season this is true, but again in La Nina seasons this seems to happen more than "normal"... We'll see what happens, but personally I'm not going say the season is over until November at the earliest!

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