Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Typhoon Megi's Landfall...

Words really can't describe the beauty/strength involved with Super Typhoon Megi! Bottom line, it's a MONSTER Category-5 Super Tyhphoon, with maximum sustained winds of 145 knots (166mph), and gusts to 175 knots (201mph)! I would give almost anything to be in the eye of this storm! It was just impossible from a money/time standpoint! Someday, I'll make it happen! Even though missing a storm like this, especially considering the fact that it's making landfall during the day, is very tough to take... I'll leave some satellite images/loops of Megi for you below! Oh, by the way, reports are that Super Typhoon Megi made landfall at 885mb, which would be a world record low pressure at landfall (1935 Labor Day-892mb)... INSANE!!! Keep in mind though, the 1935 Labor Hurricane was a very small/compact hurricane, and likely produced higher maximum sustained surface winds!


  1. 885 millibars is just absolutely insane and amazing!! I've come up with a quote of the day, "I've drunk the Typhoon Kool-Aid and I like it!"; meaning, I think I'll be covering typhoons A LOT more in the western Pacific and slowly gather information sources for different landfall areas (Which is much more challenging than a US landfall).

    Have a great evening!!


  2. Insane is right,as 885mb is just crazy! I'm drinking the same Kool-Aid Rob! Always been fascinated by typhoons, but following Super Typhoon Megi so closely was really cool... Granted Megi was an extreme event, but I'll be following typhoons a LOT more as well in the future! Have a great day buddy, and sorry for the slow response, my internet was acting crazy last night!