Wednesday, June 23, 2010

93L = TOUGH!!!

Until 93L develops into Alex, this is all pure speculation... However, the more I look at this, the tougher the forecast gets!!! It really depends on a few important factors... If/when this system becomes vertically stacked, how does it happen??? Does the surface low move under the mid/upper level low, or does the mid/upper level low move over the surface low... That will make a huge difference... If the trough split does happen, which of course is very possible, then which way 93L becomes vertically stacked is HUGE! I'm still leaning strong towards the ridge holding strong, but let's just say the trough split does occur for now...

If the surface low moves under the mid/upper level low, then the northern Gulf coast could have some problems... If the mid/upper level low moves over the surface low, then the Texas coast could have some problems... Of course neither could happen, and 93L never develops into Alex... Or maybe the surface low moves over the Yucatan Peninsula, really messing the surface low up enough that even if it eventually gets together, it won't have much time to strengthen into a whole lot... Time will tell, but this is becoming an extremely difficult forecast! I wish I had more time to look at things, but this is the best I can do while I'm on the Sierra Nevada trip... I'll have more updates on 93L when I can!

Also, here is the link to the story I was featured on by Accuweather in case you missed it! It's about social media's influence on storm chasing... Check it out in case you missed it!

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