Saturday, June 12, 2010

Killer Hailstones & 92L!

Courtesy of NOAA...

There have been several reports today of hailstones 4" to 6" in diameter across the Texas Panhandle! The 6" diameter hailstone was reported by Bart Comstock (SevereStudios) near Sunray, TX, which is in Moore County... "If" this 6 inch diameter hailstone verifies, it would become the second largest hailstone ever recorded... The record today stands at 7 inches in diameter (circumference of 18.75 inches)! It fell in Aurora, NE on June 22nd 2003... The Aurora hailstone broke the old record of 5.7 inches in diameter (circumference of 17.5 inches)... That hailstone fell in Coffeyville, KS on September 3rd 1970... While the Aurora, NE hailstone holds the record for diameter, the Coffeyville, KS hailstone still holds the record for weight in the US... It weighed an astounding 1.67 pounds! These massive hailstones can fall at speeds over 100mph! Anything in the path of these hailstones would be killed/destroyed... From everything I have read/researched, the record Aurora, NE hailstone went through a roof! WOW!!!

Here are a couple links to some pictures of the monster hail... The first two links were sent to me by Michael Wilhelm...

Also, I want to bring everyone's attention to 92L (Near 35W/7N)... It has been looking better and better on satellite imagery today! In the short term (2-3 days), warmer than normal SST's, lack of the SAL, low wind shear, all make for an environment not typically favorable for development this time of year, favorable! I wouldn't be shocked at all if we had our first named storm(Both GFDL/HWRF shows this), as this is one of the more impressive early developments I have seen for June 12th in this particular region of the Atlantic! It would be named Alex by the way... However, in the about 3 days 92L will encounter a lot of wind shear (>30 knots) associated with an upper trough, which should mostly rip apart/kill 92L...


  1. i am ok with it getting ripped apart in a few days as long as its development is a sign of things to come!

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a sign of things to come Devin! If it gets named Alex, it would become only the 3rd tropical storm/hurricane east of the Lesser Antilles in over 75 years during the month of June!