Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Plains of Mississippi...

Today was a really cool day! It's not too often that you can say that Mississippi severe weather is similar to the Great Plains, especially on June 19th... At around 6:30pm I noticed a decent storm on radar that was heading towards Starkville, MS from the north to south... It had a severe thunderstorm waring on it, but it just looked like a fairly typical summer time thunderstorm... There were a lot of outflow boundaries, which was cool to watch on radar... Around 7pm the severe storm was approaching my house in west Starkiville... It was very outflow dominate, and had a really beautiful shelf cloud on it! I was just so happy to get some relief for the horrible heat and humidity that has been relentless all June!

There was a decent amount of cloud to ground lighting, and I would say we got about a half inch of rain in about 20 minutes... I went outside and briefly saw a double rainbow... By the time I ran inside to get my iPhone to take a few pictures, the rainbow was basically gone, but there were some beautiful mammatus clouds developing... Quickly, I was practically surrounded by lots of well defined mammatus clouds! I have lived in Starkville, MS for over 10 years now, and I have never seen mammatus clouds like that here ever! I really felt like I was in the Great Plains for about 30 minutes or so.... There was also some really cool towers in the distance, which was backlit by the sun! I'll put more pictures up later, but here are three pictures from today... My iPhone does it NO justice... It really was amazing! :-)