Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hurricane Chasing Goals!

Picture I shot of Seawall Blvd about 12 hours before Hurricane Ike made landfall on Galveston Island, TX...

Since things are fairly quiet in the Atlantic (92L getting sheared to pieces), I figured I would talk briefly about some hurricane chasing goals I have... As many of you already know, hurricanes are my passion... It's honestly not even close! I would give back every tornado I have ever seen in my life, just to see another Hurricane Charley! Of course I don't wish these beasts of nature on anyone, but I'm going to chase them if they do strike... I don't cause hurricanes, I chase hurricanes! I'm 30 years old, and god willing I hope to have 50 more chasing years in me... I don't think 80 years old is out of the question by any means... Plus, by that point I hope to be retired in the Florida Keys, so I'm sure a few will come my way... Here are 10 goals (Do have more than 10) I have when it comes to hurricane chasing... All I can do is take it one year/season at a time, and try my absolute best! What ever happens, is supposed to happen...

1) Get into the eye of a Cat-5 hurricane (Closest yet, Hurricane Charley)
2) Chase 50 major hurricanes in my lifetime (Still have 45 to go)
3) Chase 100 hurricanes in my lifetime (Still have 89 to go)
4) Chase at least one major hurricane in the deep tropics (Caribbean)
5) Chase at least one super typhoon in the Pacific
6) Chase at least one major cyclone in Australia
7) See at least 10 stadium effect eyes with clear skies (Still have 9 to go)
8) Chase a double landfall major hurricane (i.e. Hurricane Andrew)
9) Get into the eye of a sub 900mb hurricane (Going to be very tough)
10) Get to fly into a major hurricane (Hurricane Hunter Aircraft), and then chase that very same hurricane!

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