Thursday, July 29, 2010

90L & More!

Well it looks like things are about to get going in the Atlantic basin... The MJO, which is in octant - 3 right now, seems to be moving a little quicker towards octants 1/2... Once that happens, things should really start to get going! Octant - 3 is not horrible, but I've found that octants 1/2 are more favorable for development in the Atlantic basin (Lots of upward motion)... The "CAP" is about to break across the Atlantic basin here soon!

The NHC has two low risks areas circled... Area #1 needs to be watched closely, but 90L is the tropical wave that sparks my interest most! Area #1 should head towards the general vicinity of the Yucatan Peninsula, and eventually towards Northern Mexico/Southern Texas... 90L looks to be heading in the general direction of Southern Florida... Some of the models are fairly aggressive with development, especially with 90L... Don't trust the exact details right now, but the models are hinting strongly at development in the next few days! I think it will be a race for Colin, as I really believe both will be named eventually! I'll be all over the tropics, as we continue to watch for development!