Thursday, July 8, 2010

TD #2 Comes Ashore...

TD #2 didn't quite make it to a tropical storm... It looked decent on radar as it was coming ashore early this afternoon, but the NHC didn't name it Bonnie! I thought it had a good shot at getting named, even though I never thought it would be much more than a weak tropical storm... The biggest impact from TD #2 will be the rainfall... Southern Texas has received so much rain the last 10 days from Hurricane Alex & TD #2, that flooding is a big concern along the Rio Grande... Other than the rain threat with TD #2, things look quiet with the tropics for the next week or so... Everyone should pay some attention to a low-level/mid-level circulation off the North Carolina coast, as it is over 80-85 degree waters... It looks decent on radar, but it's not a warm cored system... It does need to be watched, as it could transition to a warm cored system over the next couple of days... Realistically, I don't see much coming out of this!

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