Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to the Deep South, East Coast!

The NHC now has all 4 areas I highlighted last night as official areas of interest... My opinions haven't change much since last night, so check out last night's blog post for more information! I still believe area #4 is potentially the biggest threat to the US... 96L needs to be watch closely, as I think it's already very close to a depression! Really believe the ridge will hold strong, and 96L (which will be Bonnie soon enough) should take a track similar to Alex... I'll have a much more detailed post tomorrow on the tropics!

In other news, the East Coast is about to feel what it's like to live in the Deep South during July! Anytime you see 594 dm heights (500mb), you know it's not just hot, but VERY HOT!!! 594 dm heights is fairly common in the Deep South, but you don't see that too often in the Mid-Atlantic/North East... You are not going to see the same dewpoints values you typically get in the Deep South with this setup, but it's still going to feel awful... Easily 100/65... I think the worst I remember down here in Starkville was around 105/80... That was almost impossible to breathe in! Everyone stay safe out there!

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