Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something to watch?

The NHC has circled two low risk (10%) areas for development across the Atlantic basin... None of the computer models show either one of these areas developing, but at least it's something to watch in the tropics! Area #1 has a lot of dry air and shear (TUTT) to fight off... The SAL has continued to dissipate, but there is still plenty of dry dusty air out there to inhibit development... "If" this area can survive the battle of dry air and shear, it's something to watch once it approaches the Caribbean/Bahamas... By then the dry air/shear "should" basically be mostly gone... I'm not too excited about it right now, but again it's something to watch... Area #2 is getting sheared, and I honestly don't see much happening with it at all... The overall flow should take area #2 into Central America... Area #1 is by far the bigger threat in my eyes!

I'll be heading towards Northern Georgia for the next two days, so I won't be able to post much Friday/Saturday... I'll probably just post some pictures... Enjoy the weekend everyone, as I'll be back to talk about the tropics Sunday night!

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