Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awesome Chase!

Sorry for the delay, but I got back late last night and I was beyond exhausted... I'll have a much more detailed chase recap another day, but we saw 3 tornadoes yesterday... Honestly, we probably saw 4, but I'm not going to count a tornado unless I'm 100% sure... I mean I guess I could slow down the video or photoshop it, but I just can't count that personally... The first tornado we saw was pretty far away (~3/4 miles), along 177 south, with Wynnewood, OK to our east... It was a small cone shaped tornado that was on the ground for a couple minutes... The second tornado was about mile more down the road... It was a multiple vortex tornado (On the ground for a couple minutes) that was still pretty far away (~2/3 miles), still along 177 south... It was pretty cool as you could see dust swirling around it at times... Unfortunately, these two tornadoes occurred just before dark so it wasn't the ideal viewing... We could still see it well, even though I do wish it would have been about 30 minutes earlier... Besides the tornadoes, it was such a BEAUTIFUL supercell... Beehive look/stacked plates.... AWESOME!!! The last tornado we saw was about 8/9 miles north of Sulphur, OK... You could see it as the lightning stuck behind the supercell... It was pretty big/close (less than a mile) and we decided it was time to leave as we were about to get rolled... Good thing too, because this tornado ripped a roof of a barn...

Overall, it was a VERY successful chase... I stuck to the A-S-S (Always Stay South) principle that has always worked well for me... It was tough not to jump on the GREAT supercells on the warm front, but it worked well for both group of chasers... The chaser convergence was some of the worst I have ever seen... We got in a dangerous/difficult situation as we followed the supercell in-between Norman, OK and Purcell, Ok... We were basically trapped as near a hundred if not more chasers clogged the road... The main problem was getting blasted by golf ball to racquetball size hail as we were trying to get south and east of the supercell... NOT COOL... Well, it was actually pretty cool, but you don't want to get in those situations... Not good for your car! Good news though, no damage to both mine and Matt's car, and we eventually did get south and east so we could stay on the supercell (chased it from it's birth south and east of Chickasha, OK until we dropped south on 177 south near Asher, OK)... So beautiful! I'll post the video when I get back to Starkville, MS...

I was thinking about heading home tomorrow, but I'm now leaning on staying out through Sunday... I think there will be some decent supercells along the dryline in the Panhandle of Texas tomorrow... I do think there could be a few tornadoes as well... Saturday and especially Sunday still have a LOT of potential IMO... Unfortunately, the CAP is very stout! If something does break through, look out! As Justyn Jackson just told me, it could be one of those surprise days... I'm leaning on heading towards Amarillo, TX tonight... I figure at least one of the three days should be good... Knock on wood of course!

Special thanks to Justyn Jackson and Derek Beasley for radar help! Also, I really enjoyed meeting up with Matt McCrary and chasing yesterday! It was a lot of fun! Also, before I leave I wanted to share something funny/crazy... On the way to lunch today we saw the dissipating rope stage of the tornado near Midlothian, TX... I'll admit at first I was doubting it big time, but after watching the TV coverage we did see the dying tornado... I'll give Ashley props, she called it! Just saw the ropped out funnel... Did not see the tornado, but it was still crazy!

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