Sunday, May 23, 2010

Need Some Help!

This is of course my opinion, but there are 3 types of chasers...

1) Light chaser: This is someone that chases when things are close to home or they have some spare time to chase... There is nothing wrong with this at all...

2) Normal Chaser: This is someone that chases for a couple weeks a year... They usually set a vacation around it and chase one single weather type like severe weather... A lot of chasers fall in this category!

3) Hardcore Chaser: This is someone that chases year round... Also, it's someone that chases all weather anytime and anywhere... Very few people fall in this category!

If you rank them 1 to 3 I fall at about a 2.50 (bad year) to 2.75 (good year)... I try to chase as much as I can, but I'm not a full "Hardcore Chaser"... I do try to chase it all from tornadoes to Nor Easters to Hurricanes, but I still fall short at times.. Today is a great example of that... I had a feeling South Dakota was the place to be even though I didn't think it would be like this... Absolutely AMAZING!!!

What it came down to was I didn't have anyone to go with... Not trying to make excuses, but it's hard driving stick shift, looking at the weather, looking at maps, talking on the phone to get weather information (didn't have an internet card), trying to make sure I'm making the right decisions, driving thousands and thousands of miles, all by myself.... There is only so much one person can do... I say all this because I'm looking for one and hopefully two people that would like to chase with me during the May/June severe weather season... I need one or two people that are hardcore and will drop anything anytime to drive all night to chase... No matter how long the drive or how hardcore it is, I really need someone that will go all out all the time!

Also, I need someone that will chase slight risks just as hardcore as high risks! There is no such thing in my eyes as only chasing the quote "good events" when it come to weather... Today was a slight risk, REMEMBER THAT!!! I guess I'm just saying that I need help! I have no problem admitting that I can't do it all by myself and having someone that can help me out would be great! Plus it would really help cut costs which is great as well... I know I would have gone to South Dakota today if I had someone to go with me...

I'm sure many will say you should have just sucked it up and gone anyways, but I honestly don't think I could have made it... Plus there is always the money aspect! Every man has his limits and I know my body can only take so much... I want to chase as much as possible, but at the same time I don't want to kill myself... I used to joke and say, "if I die I die", but of course I don't mean that... Anyways, sorry if this comes off as a soap box or whatever, but I'm honestly just looking for some help and someone hardcore that wants to chase it all... If this is you please contact me! I'm very serious about finding one or two people that want to do this... I just can't pick 1-2 weeks to chase in the Plains every year... That's just not me! And I understand that most people's jobs only allow for that, but if you can chase on a moments notice in May/June please contact me...

Before I leave I want to give a HUGE shout out to MSU... I'm very proud of them for chasing in South Dakota and they were rewarded big time today! I couldn't be happier for them... They deserve it! Also, they have been on a roll this year.... Big props to them and most importantly I'm just so glad the students are getting to see all this! I hope they realize that this is not the norm and they are very blessed.... Congrats again!


  1. I totally agree with that you HAVE to chase slight risks. The best storms I was on last year were slight risk days. I am strongly thinking of a 2 week chase next year...I know, cat 2...but it would still help you for two straight weeks. We could drive my car (automatic) to make it easier. Shaina is thinking of coming too. Spreading the cost would make it a lot easier on us...maybe we could get one more person?

  2. I'm down! When you have some dates in mind let me know so we can plan this out in advance... I know it would be a lot of fun!

  3. I wish I could fall into the hardcore category!!! Work and money are my hold backs...There MUST be severe weather in heaven, for those of us who truely love it...At least I like to think so

  4. I hear that Michael... Honestly, I really think only people that make storm chasing their profession falls into that hardcore category... But even if you can't chase as much as you like, your passion for weather can always be HARDCORE!!!