Monday, May 24, 2010

South Dakota wedge fest part two!

Well crap! I somehow knew this would happen... The small/average tornadoes don't bother me much... Been there done that many times, but the wedges tear a small hole in my heart... I have been lucky enough to be about 1/8 of a mile from two monster wedge tornadoes that actually occurred during the same day (Argonia & Conway Springs, KS on 5/29/04)... Then the same thing happened again this year on 5/10/10 in Cromwell, OK... So I have been very lucky/blessed and I probably shouldn't cry about it! But still, the last 2 mini-outbreaks in South Dakota have been painful... The video coming out from TVN is unbelievable! The video they shot Saturday is some of the best tornado video I have seen in years... Again, I can live with missing the small/average tornadoes, but missing those wedges is again painful... I'll leave links to TVN's videos! It's absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

I'll say it again, if anyone wants to chase with me next year please contact me! If you are hardcore, love the weather, and want to chase 24/7, then we'll get along great! I'm just looking for a couple people with some passion, that can chase at a moments notice and doesn't mind long (1,000 mile) drives!

Before I leave I want to say two more things... First, another shout out to MSU on its hundredth tornado intercepted this last week... haha... Well, it's not a 100, but I'm sure it's at least around 5 or 6.... I've seen 5 this year so far, but that's over a month period.... To get 5 or 6 in a week is pretty darn good... Great job guys! I've gone years without seeing any, but I have also gone one year (2004) seeing 20 +... Second, while the wedges pain me, I am very happy for all the chasers that did score tornadoes... I have never been in competition with anyone but myself when it comes to chasing, and I'm truly happy for EVERYONE that nailed tornadoes over the last 3 days... My passion is without a doubt with hurricanes! I would trade every tornado I have ever seen in my life just to get into one more Charley like hurricane... I'm serious too, I would retire from tornado chasing today if you told me I could experience Hurricane Charley and its AMAZING eye one more time! By far the best day of my life!

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